"Designing for me is a process that engages you to keep an open mind and encourages to learn and try new things.

Each new challenge is unique oportunity to explore and apply your skills."

About Fred

I graduated from Humber College in Toronto, Canada and have over 28 years’ experience as an industrial designer.


My professional experience encompasses various industries than include retail, POP, industrial products, environmental, mechanical, packaging and graphic design.

This history has provided the honour to create for notable brands such as Samsung, Coca Cola, LG, Ferrero, Microsoft, Cadbury, Costco, Kraft, Walmart, Hudson’s Bay Co., Labatt and many more.


Each creative opportunity presented unique challenges and my skillset provided the capacity to meet them.  These include sketching and conceptualizing, CAD, renderings, technical illustrations, graphics, engineering, and graphic design.


It is such a reward to evolve an idea, take it through a creative and technical process and at the end bring about the final product.  This is my goal.